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Of Color and Light

I am in love with color and light.


I never could answer the question, "What is your favorite color?" I love them all. I'm endlessly fascinated with putting colors together in various ways and playing with the interaction.


The Lone Star Quilt Watercolor series was very fun because of the way it lent itself to my love of this kind of play. My (Mennonite) grandmother was a quilter, and in this series, I found a way to bring her heritage together with my love of color play. The advantage of this medium -- watercolor -- is that the light appears to "pass through" the color, as though its source lies on the far side of the image.


In my Religious Icon Work, which I will bring more fully to this website later this year, the play of color and light is very different. The Christ, Angel, or Saint in an icon contains the light, which appears to radiate "from inside" the image rather than passing through it.


Please enjoy yourself -- invite your eyes to enjoy themselves -- as you look at and receive these images.


Seeing is such a miracle!


Milonica Rose Stahl-Wert



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